The Story of Little Oasis Spa


How A Wealthy Indian Businessman Indirectly Forced Me To Create This Practice For My Worried Clients

I’m Nhan Fitzpatrick and I love helping people look and feel better about their skin. For 14-years now, I’ve had the joy of seeing people’s appearance change, and the smiles it brings to their face.

Prior to founding Little Oasis Spa, I was the lead aesthetician for Veria Wellness Spa. Started by a wealthy businessman from India, the beautiful spa was located on the corner of Old Georgetown and Woodmont, street level below the Lionsgate Condominiums.

As the lead aesthetician, I worked with the onsite doctor to provide custom treatments. Veria Wellness channel on cable tv, and their website also became very popular for those who discovered them. The channel and website are still running.

I became known for providing visible results for people with rosacea, dry skin, aging skin, and other conditions – and had many regular clients.

My experience with thousands of waxings also led me to find better, more precise ways of treating clients. Shaping eye brows has become an art. So is leaving your skin soft and not irritated after waxings (a combination of higher grade wax and technique). Also, my OCD with germs is a great thing for you. You’d be shocked at how many spas clean things. All Little Oasis Spa implements are treated with EPA-registered hospital grade disinfectant. And unlike most spas, we also then use UV sterilizer cabinet as an added measure. Plus, each client has their own new, disposable, wooden spatulas for each waxing application. Unlike other spas, no double dipping here at Little Oasis Spa.

But unfortunately, the distant founder of Veria Wellness Spa decided to close the physical location almost over night. There was a dispute over the sky high rent increase, and he just closed the spa.

My clients panicked, asking me, “Nhan, what’s going to happen? Where are you going?”

I was flattered they viewed me with that light. Well, I checked around with a few spas but couldn’t find one that met the standards we had created for both personal treatment and organic, natural products.

So, as many dentists, physicians, and other professionals have done, I decided to move my skin care practice to a newly created spa facility on my private property – but completely separate with a private entrance, heated floors, state of the art facial equipment, temperature controlled bed, and private powder room.

One clear benefit clients’ love was not having to deal with crowded parking lots, or worry about a meter expiring.

And I wanted to create a different experience from the time you park your car to getting your treatment. So we created a pond with waterfalls, a sitting area under kiwi vines and a fig tree (for warm weather), surrounded by raspberries and other herbs and plants.

When you sit down in the waiting room, you can still hear the trickling sounds of the waterfalls. You’ll always have plenty of fresh, organic orange-mint, alkaline filtered water.

More importantly, the process I use for treating you begins with a thorough examination of your skin. Using a state of the art skin scanner, you get to see your skin under a different light. I will explain to you what you’re seeing, and why we’re going to treat your skin in a particular way.

It’s not just lying down and slapping a mask on. But unfortunately, that’s what most people get at most spas.

I only use the highest grade products available – even down to the organic sheets.

Little Oasis was established and licensed a Maryland State Board Spa in 2007 and was renovated 2011 with heated floor, waiting room, powder room, and treatment room with temperature control heated bed and state of the art facial machine including a skin scanner.

You deserve better, and you get it here.

And that’s how Little Oasis Spa started. It’s grown quietly based on the results of each individual client. That’s always my top priority.

Now it’s your turn to experience the difference that my clients’ say makes this place special – their little oasis.

Nhan Fitzpatrick

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